Manual Elements

Waterproofing membranes

The NRCA Waterproofing Manual provides a number of options for membrane types used in waterproofing applications. Most waterproofing membranes cannot be exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light; however, fluid-applied elastomeric waterproofing membranes are well-suited for continual UV exposure.

Detail WP-39, "Traffic-bearing waterproofing membrane," provides information for the two common installation categories of fluid-applied elastomeric membranes: vehicular and pedestrian. These types of waterproofing systems commonly are used for exposed concrete structures, such as parking garages and balconies.

NRCA coat provides additional toughness and durability; and a top coat provides color options and UV resistance for a waterproofing system. Base, intermediate and top coats typically are one- or two-part self-leveling products.

Detail 39 from The NRCA Waterproofing Manual