Manual receives ICBO approval

The Roof Tile Institute releases the second edition of its installation guide for moderate climates

In June 2001, the Roof Tile Institute (RTI) and Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) released an industry-based installation manual that provides recommendations for installing concrete and clay roof tiles in moderate climate regions of North America.

The manual, Concrete and Clay Tile Design Criteria Installation Manual for Moderate Climate Regions, was developed to provide the best installation practices, industry standards and available code requirements in a single manual. The manual had an effective date of Jan. 1, 2002, which is when the changes in the manual were required to be followed in the field by roofing workers.

Before the manual's release, there were more than 50 manuals written by various tile manufacturers throughout North America. Almost all North American tile manufacturers now have formally replaced their manuals with the new manual.

As RTI commenced a series of training workshops in fall 2001 in the West, it became apparent the new manual was not only highly informative but also well-received in the design community. But some resistance emerged as traditional roofing practices that were not included in the existing tile installation guides or new industry manual were being touted as the preference of roofing contractors. In one session, I was confronted with the statement, "We will not comply with these changes until we see it in writing from the code authorities." In this case, the person was referring to the Uniform Building Code (UBC).