Marketing basics

It’s worth reviewing some basic marketing techniques to bolster closing rates

Many roofing contractors struggle with how to market their companies and often wonder whether marketing will make a difference. For years, contractors' marketing efforts consisted of Yellow Pages ads along with good salespeople, and for many, it worked. But with current technology, the playing field constantly is changing and traditional marketing no longer will be sufficient.

The roofing industry is seeing savvy contractors using technology and strategic marketing to change the dynamics of roofing sales. To compete with these contractors, you, too, will need to become comfortable with new marketing techniques. You will need to start by reviewing your marketing plan.

Evaluating current efforts

The first step is to evaluate your marketing plan. What is working? Are you tracking responses and leads? Are the leads you are generating turning into sales? What technologies are you using to support your marketing efforts? Are those coupon value packs really bringing in business, or are your ads buried in the midst of your competition?