Marketing matters

NRCA offers contractors insight into enhancing their marketing plans

To achieve long-term success as a professional roofing contractor, you have to focus on two fundamental business principles: performing quality work and making money. But performing quality work alone won't ensure success, especially in today's ultra-competitive business environment where consumers' expectations for quality and service are at an all-time high.

In addition to focusing on quality, the degree to which your company is successful—and profitable—can be determined by how effective it is at one essential business component—marketing. This especially is true in the roofing industry where it is not uncommon for roof system purchasers to view all roofing contractors as being basically the same.

NRCA efforts

NRCA receives thousands of calls and hundreds of thousands of visits to its Web site each year from consumers looking for roofing information and professional roofing contractors. The association provides consumers with numerous information sources to assist them in identifying and fulfilling their roofing needs.