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RGC Product—pivoting platform hoist

Reimann & Georger's pivoting platform hoist supports loads weighing up to 400 pounds and up to 44 feet in the air. All feature a pivoting track section adjustable from 35 to 70 degrees, adapting to nearly any sloped roof. We offer functionality of a conveyor belt without the hefty price and improved safety by allowing loads to be deposited further from a roof's edge. The products are easy to assemble and transport with no lifting required to mount the PRO Drive on track. For more information, call (800) 831-LIFT or visit

SpeedStand speeds up jobs

SpeedStand makes protecting workers from falls quick and easy. Compact, one-piece stands set up instantly and are made with a broad base that allows them to be spaced 40 feet apart. The durable welded steel stands meet OSHA requirements and have rubber-padded legs to protect the roof membrane. They're engineered to save labor and increase production job after job. To see why SpeedStand has been the industry standard for 18 years, call (800) 460-7579 or visit