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AceClamp® A2® UL-listed solar kit

The A2 clamp was designed specifically for solar applications on standing-seam metal roofs. AceClamp's patented, UL-listed solar kit is the easiest way to install solar panels directly to a standing-seam metal roof. There is no need to waste time or money on a rail system. All clamps and kits are fully assembled. Our patented push-pin design doesn't damage roof panel finishes or coatings and includes a stainless-steel sleeve for grounding. Not only is our clamp universal to many standing-seam metal roofs, but our solar kit is, too, fitting up to a 2 1/2-inch solar panel thickness. For more information, contact us at (860) 351-0686 or visit

SNAP-CLAD panel: strength and performance

Petersen's SNAP-CLAD metal roofing panels feature architectural panel aesthetics and structural panel performance. SNAP-CLAD is corrective-leveled to provide superior flatness. PAC-CLAD® 70 percent PVDF finish is covered by a nonprorated 30-year warranty. It is available in more than 40 colors on steel and aluminum. Most colors meet LEED,® ENERGY STAR® and cool roof certification requirements. For information about Petersen's full product line, visit or call (800) PAC-CLAD.