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Solar racking on metal roofs made easy

AceClamp® always is striving to ensure its clamps are compatible with all the popular solar racking systems in the industry used on standing-seam metal roofs. The easiest way to be universal was to design an "L" foot that attaches to the top of clamps and a common-sized bolt that simply slides and attaches to the racking system of choice. This design provides unobstructed access to the clamps with an adjustable height and width. When placing an order with AceClamp, let us know the seam of your roof and which racking system you prefer, and we will supply the correct clamp and attachment hardware needed. All AceClamp products come fully assembled, saving you time and money. This is another way to get you on and off the roof faster. After all, "The Proof is on the Roof."™ For more information, call (860) 351-0686 or visit

Solar panel lift platforms offer 30-day free trial

Easi-Dec® from Kee® Safety provides safe access and fall protection for workers installing solar panels. A cost-effective alternative to renting or building scaffolds, Easi-Dec Platforms are corrosion-resistant and feature a secure hoist to lift solar panels to roofs. Systems can be set up by two workers in 10 minutes and are lightweight and compact for ease of storage and transportation. Now available with a 30-day free trial. Call (800) 851-5181 or visit