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AceClamp®—A solution for wind-uplift challenges

Uplift testing has shown the fully assembled AceClamp A2®W™ wind clamp can increase your standing-seam metal roof panel's wind-uplift resistance by as much as 50 percent without installing thicker roof panels or shortening the purlin spacing. Our pushpin design will not loosen under wind flutter or seismic vibration. The clamp also converts into a miniature version of the incredible A2 clamp to be used in solar applications. For faster installation and no voiding of panel and coating manufacturers' warranties, AceClamp has the answers. After all, THE PROOF IS ON THE ROOF.™ For more information, visit or call (860) 351-0686.

Patented technology for wind resistance

Owens Corning®-patented SureNail® Technology is the first and only reinforced nailing zone on the face of the shingle. Embedded into every Duration® Series shingle, the tough, engineered woven fabric strip creates a highly durable fastener zone with outstanding gripping power. SureNail delivers 130-mph wind limited warranty performance with fewer nails, two times the common bond area of standard shingles and an easy-to-see target area for "no-guess" nailing. For more information, call (800) GET-PINK® or visit