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Snow retention for membrane roofs

COLOR Snap®-M is now available for the low-slope, single-ply membrane roof market. This product ships fully assembled and has been proven to install in half the time. There is no need for cutting the existing roof, wood blocking, adding adhesives or additional flashing. Simply heat-weld in place, and you have a watertight seal. COLOR Snap-M has been third-party load-tested to ensure quality, and engineering layout assistance is available from AceClamp.® For more information, contact us at (860) 351-0686 or go to

Joint and termination sealant

Mule-Hide Products' JTS 1—joint and termination sealant—allows contractors to quickly and easily seal large joints and roof termination bars, including those submerged under ponding water. The 100 percent solids moisture-cured urethane sealant offers excellent workability for dry and wet surface applications with no sagging or shrinkage and minimal odor. Contact Mule-Hide Products at (800) 786-1492 or or visit for more information.