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COLOR Snap™ by AceClamp®

AceClamp has made installing snow-retention systems on standing-seam metal roof systems easier and quicker than ever. COLOR Snap simply snaps into retaining clips that have been pre-installed on AceClamp's unique clamps. The setup for the snow-retention system begins with installation of AceClamp's fully assembled, nonpenetrating fasteners on standing-seam metal ribs. The extruded COLOR Snap bar is then set below the fasteners and slid up until it snaps into place. The bolts on the clips that hold the bar in place are then tightened to complete the installation. Finally, a color-matching, 2-inch-wide metal strip is inserted into the bar's front-facing groove, blending the entire rail system into the color scheme of the roof. Unique to this system is the ice clips also accept a 2-inch-wide color strip that snaps into the rail with no screws or hardware needed. For more information, visit or call (860) 351-0686.

Solar panel lift platforms offer 30-day free trial

Easi-Dec® from Kee® Safety provides safe access and fall protection for workers installing solar panels. A cost-effective alternative to renting or building scaffolds, Easi-Dec Platforms are corrosion-resistant and feature a secure hoist to lift solar panels to roofs. Systems can be set up by two workers in 10 minutes and are lightweight and compact for ease of storage and transportation. Now available with a 30-day free trial. Call (800) 851-5181 or visit