Metal ahead

Metal roof systems continue to gain popularity in the commercial sector

Long known as a premium choice for roofing, metal has been making gains in the nonresidential market in recent years, and the trend looks favorable for the future. According to the "Consolidated Construction Study" published in 2015 by FMI Corp., Raleigh, N.C., and commissioned by the Metal Construction Association (MCA), since 2009, metal has achieved an annual growth rate in share percentage of about 4 percent.

MCA attributes this growth in metal roofing to several factors, such as energy efficiency, longevity and design flexibility.

Energy efficiency

According to Scott Kriner, MCA technical director, when repurposing a building, retrofit metal roof systems can be made more energy-efficient than most other types of roof systems because the cavity that is created between the original roof and the new metal retrofit roof provides opportunities to install energy-saving technologies. Using this concept, a team of leading metal construction companies and MCA were awarded a $1 million Environmental Security Technologies Certification Program grant from the Department of Defense (DOD) to develop a retrofit metal roof system with integrated renewable energy technologies.