Mexico: an evolution

The Mexican construction sector is the link to all economic activities in Mexico not only because it contains 37 of the 73 trades in the Mexican productive sector, which produces economic resources, but also because it provides the necessary infrastructure to support the economic development the society demands. The sector includes the federal government, private industry, educational institutions, agriculture and labor, and other public and private companies related to construction.

The construction scene

Mexico has shown an increase in its gross domestic product (GDP) since 2000 from 6.1 percent to 8.3 percent in 2006, a 2.2 percent growth in six years. The construction trade contributed considerably to this growth; 5 percent of its generated wealth went to the GDP and generated 1.5 million job opportunities in the country.

The residential sector contributes 46 percent of the revenue generated by the Mexican construction industry. During 2000 alone, 477,000 home loans were granted; during 2006, this number increased to 678,000. The Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry predicts that during 2007, 750,000 home loans will be granted.