NRCA Grassroots Advocacy Network needs you!

A successful grassroots program requires maximum participation

Member engagement, growing participation and a clear message are the three major components of any successful grassroots program. To maximize the roofing industry's effectiveness on Capitol Hill, we need all roofing professionals to be involved. Simply put, we need you!

Grassroots engagement

The first component required for a strong grassroots program is engagement. When NRCA's government affairs team regularly visits Capitol Hill, members of Congress and their staffs tell us they need to hear directly from industry professionals and businesses in their districts. It's up to you to inform members of Congress how their legislation decisions affect your business.

There are many ways you can engage your members of Congress. In early 2017, the NRCA Grassroots Advocacy Network was introduced to help members develop relationships with their elected officials in their home districts. The easiest way for you to get involved is by registering on to receive action alerts. When action alerts are issued, you easily can send emails to your members of Congress to make your voice heard regarding important issues affecting the roofing industry.