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NRCA University to offer CERTA courses

On March 4, NRCA University will conduct CERTA Train-the-trainer Authorization in Chicago.

CERTA Train-the-trainer Authorization is a 10-hour accreditation program that uses classroom instruction and hands-on torching activities to address how to teach torch safety. After successfully completing the program, participants will be authorized to conduct Certified Roofing Torch Applicator (CERTA) certification training and receive training materials, including an instructors guide and English and Spanish editions of the CERTA student manual and training video.

In addition, NRCA University will conduct CERTA Train-the-trainer Reauthorization March 5 in Chicago. The program allows participants to renew their CERTA accreditations; renewal is required every three years. The course is significantly different from the original 10-hour train-the-trainer course and gives participants an opportunity to advance their training and facilitation skills and demonstrate roof torching skills.