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A note from NRCA's president

Do you think there's a lot that happens between one year's International Roofing Expo® (IRE) and NRCA annual convention and the next? 2009 certainly was a good example of that happening. A shrinking U.S. economy and rapidly expanding federal government gave us never-ending headlines during the past year.

How about during the past decade? Intensive and extensive vegetative roof systems have been introduced; seven major hurricanes hit U.S. shores during a two-year period; and we've been given a choice between laminated thin-film and rack-mounted crystalline photovoltaic panels.

Fortunately for roofing professionals, there is one thing that has remained constant—the opportunity to stay connected to the rapid pace of change and to each other through NRCA's annual convention and the IRE. Of course, even these events have witnessed some change during the past decade: NRCA sold the trade show to Hanley Wood LLC, Washington, D.C., in 2004, setting the stage for further growth of our yearly gathering.