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NRCA lead-based paint webinar is available

New Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules regarding lead-based paint that may be encountered during renovation activities have taken effect; as of April 22, companies and workers performing renovation activities involving lead-based paint must be certified by EPA.

NRCA has released Ask the Expert: New Lead-based Paint Rules, a webinar recording featuring NRCA Director of Risk Management Harry Dietz. The one-hour webinar addresses the new certification requirements for companies involved with projects that have the potential to disturb lead-based paint. After discussing the details of EPA's regulations, Dietz answers questions regarding the new rules.

According to EPA, renovation activities such as sanding, cutting and demolition have the potential to release hazardous lead dust from lead-based paint, which can harm adults and children. EPA's new lead rules require certification of any company that performs renovation, repair and painting (RRP) projects that disturb lead-based paint; certification for renovators (workers who perform and direct renovation activities) and training by a certified renovator of other workers participating in the renovation; EPA accreditation of training providers; and work practices for RRP projects. (For more information about EPA's new lead certification regulations, see "New rules, new challenges," February issue, page 44.)