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Green roof systems manual will be made available

The NRCA Green Roof Systems Manual—2007 Edition will be available this month. It provides in-depth technical information regarding the design and installation of quality green roof systems. The focus of the manual is waterproofing aspects of green roof systems.

NRCA defines a green roof system as plantings/landscaping installed above a waterproofed substrate at any building level that is separated from the ground beneath it by a manufactured structure. A green roof system consists of a waterproofing system and its associated components—such as protection course, root barrier, drainage layer, thermal insulation and aeration layer—and an overburden of growth medium and plantings. NRCA divides green roof systems into three categories: extensive, semi-intensive and intensive.

The green roof system details in The NRCA Green Roof Systems Manual—2007 Edition provide design and installation information for: