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Sweepstakes tickets available

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress is conducting a sweepstakes to win a 2009 BMW 128i two-door convertible. The sweepstakes winner will be announced Feb. 4, 2009, at NRCA's Cocktail and Awards Reception during NRCA's 122nd Annual Convention in Las Vegas Feb. 1-5, 2009.

The sweepstakes will generate funds for the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships to employees, immediate family members of employees and immediate family members of NRCA members. Employees and their families who plan to pursue post-secondary education in college and vocational programs are eligible for the merit-based scholarships. Scholarship recipients receive funding for up to four years of full-time study at any accredited post-secondary institution.

Anyone can purchase a sweepstakes ticket—purchasers do not need to be Alliance or NRCA members. One entry per person is allowed; however, tickets can be purchased by one individual for others. Tickets are $200 each, and a maximum of 500 tickets will be sold. Purchases can be made using cash, credit cards or personal checks made out to The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress. The winner does not need to be present during the drawing.

Tickets will be available at Alliance booth 3240 until 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009, during the International Roofing Expo® (IRE), which is being held in conjunction with NRCA's 122nd Annual Convention. The 2009 BMW 128i will be on display during the IRE at NRCA booth 3237, which will be located directly across from the Alliance's booth.

Sweepstakes tickets also can be purchased in advance. To purchase tickets in advance, contact Marla Ramos, the Alliance's coordinator, at (800) 323-9545, ext. 7539 or Entry forms also are available online at

NRCA launches redesigned Web site

NRCA has redesigned The Web site features a new layout, including NRCA's new logo, and restructured navigation.

The Web site's content and navigation are customized for NRCA's three primary audiences: members, roofing professionals and consumers. Users can click the appropriate category to access information best suited for them. Each category has a specific color, which is reflected in the tabs, to give users a visual reference of their location on the Web site.

NRCA's home page has a modular format to include as much content as possible from NRCA's departments. The new format provides details about NRCA's products and services and highlights information from various sections of the Web site.

The Web site's homepage now includes a section below the left navigation for links to NRCA's related Web sites such as Professional Roofing, the National Roofing Legal Resource Center, The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress, the board of directors section and the 2009 International Roofing Expo

Users now are required to register and log in to buy products from the NRCA Bookstore, register for educational programs or subscribe to E-News. There is a new main link for the "Safety and Insurance" section. The "Find a Contractor" feature is more prominent and allows users to search for contractors by state. In addition, the Web site's search results have been customized with "best bet" results, so specific keywords lead users directly to the pages they seek.

From any page on the Web site, users can search for information, join NRCA, e-mail or print a page, find an NRCA contractor member, access quick links to frequently accessed information, register for NRCA's electronic communications, read NRCA and roofing industry news, and take NRCA's online polls.

If you have questions about the redesigned Web site, contact Laura Lewis, NRCA's director of Web site development, at (800) 323-9545, ext. 7560 or

NRCA University offers online educational program

NRCA University has launched Cool Roofs, an interactive online educational program that examines roof coverings and surfacing materials that minimize roof surface temperatures, which can result in less energy consumption and longer-lasting roof systems.

During this introductory course, participants will earn about the surface properties that contribute to a roof's coolness and how these properties can be maintained for maximum effectiveness over time. Participants also will learn about the organizations that develop guidelines and provide product information for cool roofing materials; explore types of roof membranes, coatings and materials that have cool roof properties; identify climate and building-use issues that affect a building's energy consumption; and examine building and energy codes, roof configuration, roof deck structural capacity, insulation requirements and other variables that must be considered.

Cool Roofs is one of seven modules in NRCA University's Roofing, Energy and the Environment Series, an online educational program aimed at helping roofing professionals and end users understand how roof systems can contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection. Another module, Vegetative Roof Systems, launched in early November. Other modules will include Photovoltaics and Roofing, Building Codes and Rating Systems for Roofing, Introduction to Energy-efficient Roof Systems, and EnergyWise Tutorial and Case Studies, and the Roofing, Energy and the Environment Series Certificate Examination.

For more information, contact NRCA's Customer Service Department at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722).

NRCA 2008-09 leadership

Executive Committee

Rob Therrien
The Melanson Co. Inc.
Keene, N.H.

Senior vice president
Rob McNamara
F.J.A. Christiansen Roofing Co. Inc., a Tecta America company

Vice presidents—two-year term

Nelson Braddy
President and chief executive officer
King of Texas Roofing Co.
Grand Prairie

Jim Eckstein
C.A. Eckstein Roofing Inc.

Will Fort
Fort Roofing & Sheet Metal Works Inc.
Sumter, S.C.

Vice presidents—one-year term

Don Guthrie
Wayne's Roofing Inc.
Sumner, Wash.

Tim Rainey
Supreme Systems Inc.

Rick Steinrock
American Roofing & Metal Co. Inc.
Louisville, Ky.

Immediate former president
Bob Daly
Kaw Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.
Kansas City, Kan.

Board of directors

Three-year term

Scott Baxter
Vice president
CRS of Monroe Inc.
Monroe, N.C.

Casey Bechtel
President and chief executive officer
Harold J. Becker Co. Inc.
Dayton, Ohio

Tim Black
Black Roofing Inc.
Boulder, Colo.

Mike Breslin
Alpha Construction Services Inc.
Albuquerque, N.M.

Chad Collins
President and owner
Bone Dry Roofing Co.
Athens, Ga.

Bruce Fryer
Chief executive officer
Fryer Roofing Co. Inc.
Fresno, Calif.

Will Hamlin
Vice president of business development
Hamlin Roofing Co. Inc.
Garner, N.C.

Calandria JohnLouis
Senior project manager
Crown Roofing Services Inc.
Kenner, La.

Bruce McCrory
Owner and secretary/treasurer
Kiker Corp.
Mobile, Ala.

Mark Moran
Vice president
Knickerbocker Roofing & Paving Co. Inc.
Harvey, Ill.

Jeffrey Orndorff
Vice president
Orndorff & Spaid Inc.
Beltsville, Md.

David Pastore
Chief executive officer
Upstate Roofing & Painting
Rochester, N.Y.

David Taylor
F.A. Taylor & Sons Inc.

Jeffrey Thomas
WeatherGuard Roofing Co.
Schenectady, N.Y.

David Tilsen
Tilsen Roofing Co. Inc.
Madison, Wis.

Kent Tolley
Vice president
Quality Tile Roofing Inc.
Boise, Idaho

Two-year term

Tim Davey
DRI Cos.
Irvine, Calif.

Luis Fernandez
Roof Decks of Puerto Rico Inc.
San Juan

Michael Gaulin
Vice president and operations manager
Magco Inc., a Tecta America company
Jessup, Md.

Alex Hernandez
Vice president
Clark Roofing Co.
Broadview, Ill.

Brad Jones
B.R. Jones Roofing Co.
Stratham, N.H.

John Kalkreuth
Kalkreuth Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.
Wheeling, W.Va.

Kevin Krolczyk
Dalbec Roofing Inc.
Long Lake, Minn.

Allen Lancaster
Metalcrafts Inc.
Savannah, Ga.

Christian Madsen
Vice president
Madsen Roof Co. Inc.
Sacramento, Calif.

Brett Maurer
Highland Roofing Co.
Baldwin Park, Calif.

Rondi Perry
SLR Roofing Systems Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas

John Plescia
Star Roofing Inc.

J.C. Robinson
Frye Roofing Inc.
Bluefield, W.Va.

Bill Taylor
Chairman and chief executive officer
D.C. Taylor Co.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

One-year term

Bob Bueche
Pioneer Roofing Co.

John Embow
Vice president
Grove Roofing Services Inc.
Buffalo, N.Y.

Mark Jackson
Greenberg Roofing Co., a Tecta America company
Grand Forks, N.D.

Don Kennedy
Don Kennedy Roofing Co. Inc.
Nashville, Tenn.

Bob Kulp
Kulp's of Stratford LLC
Stratford, Wis.

Serge Lafleur
Vice President
Norman & Collie Inc.
LaSalle, Quebec

Shelley Metzler
Vice president
Interstate Roofing Inc.
Portland, Ore.

Rodney Piper
J.A. Piper Roofing Co.
Greenville, S.C.

Larry Reardon
Enterprise Roofing Service Inc.
Concord, Calif.

Mike Sasse
Commonwealth Roofing Corp.
Louisville, Ky.

Kent Schwickert
Schwickert Co., a Tecta America company
Mankato, Minn.

Ken Tetterton
President and general manager
Curtis Construction Co. Inc.
Kinston, N.C.

Bob Willis
The Wehner Roofing & Tinning Co.
Dayton, Ohio

Howard Willis
Owner and chief operating officer
Krupnik Brothers Inc.
Glen Burnie, Md.

NRCA staff directory

All NRCA staff can be accessed by calling (800) 323-9545 and asking for the applicable extension unless otherwise noted.

General operations

Bill Good, CAE, executive vice president
ext. 7521

Alison L. LaValley, CAE, vice president of operations and chief of staff
ext. 7573

Chrystine Hanus, executive assistant
ext. 7522

Esther Woods, operations coordinator
ext. 7517

Communications and membership development

Carl Good, associate executive director
ext. 7543

Ambika Puniani Bailey, senior director of communications
ext. 7555

Paul Gerwen, creative director
ext. 7519

Jeff Jarvis, director of membership
ext. 7512

Laura Lewis, director of Web site development
ext. 7560

Krista Reisdorf, director of communications and online publications
ext. 7531

Chris Casey, membership manager
ext. 7530

Tracy Schneider Gerwen, manager of Web site development
ext. 7561

Joan Kriete, circulation/production manager
ext. 7524

Corinne LaFazia, West Coast membership manager
(909) 305-4996

Midge Sauer, manager of desktop publishing
ext. 7550

Ashley St. John, communications manager
ext. 7520

Keith Taylor, production artist
ext. 7567

Lenora Vasilopoulos, membership manager
ext. 7590

Bryan White, manager of affiliate partnerships
ext. 7554

Katherine Christides, assistant manager of membership development
ext. 7540

Kaylee Alberico, communications assistant
ext. 7592

Jami Caiafa, membership development assistant
ext. 7510

Dawn Klingensmith, copy editor
ext. 7551


Harry Ryder, CPA, associate executive director
ext. 7545

Enrica Burian, human resources and payroll manager
ext. 7585

Diana Maggio-Gumushian, administrative assistant of finance
ext. 7546

Jackie Mayer, administrative assistant of finance
ext. 7516

Government relations

Craig S. Brightup, vice president of government relations
ext. 7597

Duane Musser, senior director of federal affairs
ext. 7565

Kelly Zavala, political action committee coordinator
ext. 7594

Information technology

Paul Apostolos, MCSD, associate executive director
ext. 7526

Diep Nguyen, director of information technology
ext. 7532

Joe Milazzo, network administrator
ext. 7541

Marketing operations

Alison L. LaValley, CAE, vice president of operations and chief of staff
ext. 7573

Lara Beutler, director of marketing
ext. 7506

Anne Schroeder, director of marketing operations
ext. 7547

Maureen Davies, marketing manager
ext. 7523

Cheryl Anderson, marketing coordinator
ext. 7537

Therese Brennan, customer relations coordinator and human resources assistant
ext. 7559

Tony Cortez, service center operations coordinator
ext. 7552

Sandy Moore, receptionist
ext. 7580

Eileen Maloney, part-time assistant
ext. 7548

Meeting services

Bennett Judson, CMP, associate executive director
ext. 7513

Marla Ramos, meeting services coordinator
ext. 7539

NRCA University and risk management

Thomas R. Shanahan, CAE, associate executive director
ext. 7538

John Schehl, NRCA University's senior director
ext. 7503

Harry Dietz, director of risk management
ext. 7502

Peter Greenbaum, NRCA University's media director
ext. 7578

Jeanne Schehl, NRCA University's program development director
ext. 7566

Michele Biesiada, NRCA University's programs manager
ext. 7534

Janice Davis, manager of NRCA University and risk management
ext. 7505

Leslie Kazmierowski, CPCU, manager of insurance programs and Future Executives Institute
ext. 7508

Allison Noble, NRCA University's manager of customized education
ext. 7509

Mary Ann Evanoff, part-time assistant of NRCA University and risk management
ext. 7533

Technical communications

James R. Kirby, AIA, associate executive director
ext. 7570

Technical services

Mark S. Graham, associate executive director
ext. 7511

Tom Bollnow, senior director of technical services
ext. 7518

Joan P. Crowe, AIA, director of technical services
ext. 7576

Maciek Rupar, director of technical services
ext. 7568

Carol Maggio, manager of technical services
ext. 7574

Related organizations

National Roofing Legal Resource Center

Alison L. LaValley, CAE, executive director
ext. 7573

Anne Schroeder, director
ext. 7547

Professional Roofing

Carl Good, publisher
ext. 7543

Ambika Puniani Bailey, editor
ext. 7555

Paul Gerwen, creative director
ext. 7519

Jeff Jarvis, director of advertising
ext. 7512

Krista Reisdorf, director of online communications
ext. 7531

Chris Casey, advertising sales manager
ext. 7530

Joan Kriete, circulation/production manager
ext. 7524

Midge Sauer, manager of desktop publishing
ext. 755

Ashley St. John, associate editor
ext. 7520

Keith Taylor, production artist
ext. 7567

Kaylee Alberico, editorial assistant
ext. 7592

The Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing

Craig Silvertooth, executive director
(202) 380-3371, ext. 205

Michal Bartko, assistant research director
ext. 7542

Mary Mai, director of corporate relations
(202) 380-3371, ext. 201

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress

Bennett Judson, CMP, executive director
ext. 7513

Marla Ramos, Alliance coordinator
ext. 7539

NRCA to hold vegetative roof system conferences

During the next several months, NRCA University will be holding one-day contractor-focused educational conferences based on the technical guidelines in The NRCA Green Roof Systems Manual—2007 Edition. Plantings and growth media, codes, standards and contractual arrangements will be discussed during the conferences.

The 2009 conferences will be held Feb. 18 in Baltimore, Feb. 26 in Atlanta, March 5 in Chicago, March 11 in Seattle and April 23 in Boston.

To register for the conferences or for more information, contact NRCA's Customer Service Department at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722).


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