New Ideas

Accessories improve convenience

Chem Link Inc. now includes newly shaped foil containers and a 4-inch nozzle for its 1-Part™ Pourable Sealant in every package of its ChemCurb™ Penetration Seal System.

The half-gallon foil containers are shorter and wider and can sit upright when taken out of the package, and the new nozzle can be replaced with the original cap for reuse. The accessories reportedly make it easier to use and pour 1-Part Pourable Sealant.

The new containers still are packaged four per carton or four per rigid plastic field pack. 1-Part Pourable Sealant is available in gray or white to match the ChemCurbs and is available in two cartridge sizes and a 5-gallon pail, and the 28-ounce tube has been changed from foil to plastic.