New Ideas

Personal rescue device zips onto harness

MSA Safety Inc. has made available its Latchways Personal Rescue Device,® a lightweight integrated harness system designed to reduce rescue time. The device is contained in a small backpack that zips onto a full-body harness. In the event of a fall, the user activates the device, initiating a gentle, controlled descent to the ground with speeds between 1.6 and 6.6 feet per second. The Latchways Personal Rescue Device features a 65-foot descent line made from Aramid rope capable of supporting a user weighing between 130 and 310 pounds. The device is compatible with MSA Safety's EVOTECH,® EVOTECH Lite and EVOTECH Arc Flash full-body harnesses.

Holster securely fastens tools to belt

Spider Holster has made available its Spider Tool Holster, a clip-on holster designed to give a user quick access to his or her tools. The holster can be fastened to any belt or toolbelt. When a user wants to secure a tool, a pin wraps tightly around the tool to hold it in place. The interior of the pin's elastic strap has silicone beads said to provide extra gripping power for a snug fit around a tool's handle. The pin then slides into the tool holster and locks in place. A user only needs to lift a lever to release the lock and retrieve his or her tool from the holster. The Spider Tool Holster can hold drills and drivers, flashlights, reciprocating saws, and multitools.