New Ideas

New packaging reduces costs

Henry® Co. now packages its self-adhering cap sheets and roof underlayments in weather-resistant polypropylene shrink-wrap packaging instead of cardboard boxes.

The new packaging reportedly reduces on-site costs for contractors, including the labor required to collect empty boxes and dispose of them, as well as dump fees. For distributors, the label graphics are said to help increase sales by better communicating product features and benefits.

Products available with the polypropylene packaging include: Eaveguard® Self-Adhered Shingle Underlayment; Blueskin® Roof Ice and Water Barrier; Blueskin Roof High-Temperature Underlayment; Blueskin Roof WP Self-Adhered Waterproofing; Henry LowSlope™ Self-Adhered Roofing; and DuraTac® Base & Cap Sheet Systems.

Telephone: (800) 486-1278

Shingles resemble slate

CertainTeed Corp. has introduced Highland Slate™ shingles, which resemble slate and are available in various colors.

The four-tab asphalt composite shingles measure 18 by 36 inches, and each tab is individually colored. The shingles are available in six colors: black granite, fieldstone, New England slate, smoky quartz, Venetian red and Tudor brown. The shingles are accented with dark shadow lines and a full 8-inch exposure.

Telephone: (800) 233-8990

New tile colors are available

DaVinci Roofscapes has introduced new color blends for its slate and shake synthetic roof tiles, including Sonora and Canyon for multi-width slate; Milano, Cambridge, Santa Fe and Sabino for single-width slate; and Chesapeake for multi-width shake. The new color blends are available in all polymer product lines, including DaVinci Slate, DaVinci Shake, DaVinci Fancy Shake, Davinci Valoré Shake and Slate, and Bellaforté.

Telephone: (913) 599-0766

Solar-powered pump installs easily

Kold King Manufacturing & Distributing LLC has introduced its solar-powered Ponding Pump, a self-contained automatic roof drain system that does not require holes to be cut in a roof and reportedly can be installed in 15 minutes without tools.

The roof pump has a solar panel to recharge the internal deep-cycle gel battery with the current being controlled by a charge-controlling device. The marine 12-volt pump can reach up to 500 gallons per hour. The pump is said to turn on automatically when the water depth reaches 1/2 of an inch to 1 inch depending on the roof surface and turn off once the water depth reduces to 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch.

Telephone: (866) 336-7450

Tool features belt collation

Simpson Strong-Tie Co. Inc. has introduced its Quik Drive® BGP300 autofeed screw driving system for fastening metal roofing materials and siding with hex-head screws and washers.

Quik Drive BGP300 is designed for agricultural post-frame buildings as well as new and replacement residential roofing projects. It is said to easily install collated fasteners and is Simpson Strong-Tie's first tool to feature belt collation.

Telephone: (800) 999-5099

Bifocal safety eyewear is stronger

Gateway Safety Inc. now offers a stronger magnification lens for its bifocal safety eyewear for workers.

The company has added a clear 3.0 diopeter lens option to its two bifocal eye protection styles—Scorpion® MAG and StarLite MAG. Both are available in five diopeter strengths: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0.

Bifocal safety eyewear allows workers to read instrumentation and documents, work with small parts or perform other close-at-hand tasks without having to switch between regular safety glasses and reading glasses.

Telephone: (800) 822-5347

Software updated for solar installation

AppliCad has released its newest roofing and cladding software, which is equipped with a set of tools to help roofing professionals plan for solar panel installation. The software models roofs in 3-D and can place­­­­ solar panels on a roof individually or as an array.

The roofing and cladding software also can place other objects, such as satellite antennas, trees, chimneys, etc., on a roof or in surrounding areas; set the roof structure's date, time and location; and create an animated sun shadow analysis.

Telephone: (877) 830-3158

Submittal service includes templates

BuildSite's free edition of BuildSite Submittals now includes templates tied to LEED® green building certification program submittals. The service allows users to create fully electronic LEED submittals and standard product submittals backed by BuildSite's construction product database.

Those who register for the free edition of BuildSite Submittals can upgrade to the Professional and Enterprise editions, which include additional file storage, knowledge sharing and security.

Telephone: (888) 717-8665

Hammer tacker is convenient

Arrow Fastener Co. LLC's HT50iR.E.D.™ professional manual hammer tacker is the newest tool in Arrow Fastener's R.E.D. product line.

The hammer tacker is said to have an easy bottom-load system that holds two full strips of staples and uses three sizes of T50® staples: 1/4 of an inch, 5/16 of an inch and 3/8 of an inch. It reportedly is tough and lightweight because of its die-cast housing and features a balanced weighted head for improved driving power. The hammer tacker also features a jam-resistant mechanism and an ergonomic, soft rubber gripper.

Telephone: (800) 776-2228

Coating saves energy

Rhino Linings Corp. has introduced its Rhino™ Eco-Coat™ roof coating system, which helps reflect sunlight off a roof and improve a building's energy efficiency.

Rhino Eco-Coat is a fast-set, two-component, aluminized polyurea, spray-applied, seamless coating for commercial and industrial roofs. It reportedly resists the effects of hail, mechanical impact and pest infestations.

Telephone: (877) 509-4603

Folding center is affordable

RAS Systems LLC has introduced its XL-Center, which is designed for roofing and architectural profiles. The machine is more affordable than the company's XXL-Center but has the same folding features and a programmable tapering feature.

The XL-Center has a 124-inch-long bending length, and the maximum material thickness is 16-gauge mild steel. The machine also has 300 degrees of free space in front of the folding beams, allowing for maximum part design flexibility, and five servo-regulated motors that are said to produce unparalleled folding speed.

Telephone: (707) 487-7300

Vest is warm and flexible

Ergodyne has introduced the N-Ferno® 6900 Warming Vest with NobleTek Insulation. The vest's airtight, breathable chambers are filled with Argon gas, providing warmth, comfort and flexibility.

Telephone: (800) 225-8238


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