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Storage products aid organization

DEWALT® has added its ToughSystem® DS130 Suitcase, ToughSystem DS450 Mobile Storage toolbox and ToughSystem Workshop Racking Solution to its line of ToughSystem storage solutions.

The ToughSystem DS130 Suitcase is said to aid organization with four deep, large-sized cups to store smaller tools and storage pockets in the lid to hold screwdrivers and drills. The suitcase also features a padlock eye for extra security, an IP65-rated dust and water seal, rust-resistant metal latches and a durable coated handle.

The ToughSystem DS450 Mobile Storage toolbox reportedly is compatible with all ToughSystem modules and features durable 7-inch wheels, a nondetachable unit lid with a top handle and a telescopic handle on the back of the toolbox for rolling the unit. The toolbox also has an IP65-rated dust and water seal, rust-resistant metal latches and internal organization.

The ToughSystem Workshop Racking Solution is a self-assembly storage solution designed to store and permit quick access to any ToughSystem module. The Workshop Racking Solution is said to be fully customizable, allowing users to create a variety of different arrangements from the product's 6-foot metal bars, two horizontal beams and five pairs of brackets. Each racking system can hold a maximum of 440 pounds, and users also can add a self-made shelf on top of the product's brackets for additional storage.

Telephone: (800) 4-DEWALT (433-9258)

Redesigned clothing preserves warmth

Ergodyne has redesigned its N-Ferno® 6435 Thermal Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt and N-Ferno 6480 Thermal Base Layer Bottoms from its line of N-Ferno warming products.

The shirt and bottoms reportedly are made of comfortable fabrics with a soft-brushed interior to preserve warmth in cold environments. The moisture-wicking clothes also feature strategically placed vents, flat-lock seams and anti-microbial treatments. Improvements to the N-Ferno 6435 Thermal Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt include thumbholes in the raglan sleeves and a lengthened shirt back for increased coverage. The N-Ferno 6480 Thermal Base Layer Bottoms now have an extended waistband and back coverage for a more secure fit.

Telephone: (800) 225-8238

Goggles protect eyes from liquids

Brass Knuckle® has introduced its Orange Crush safety goggles designed to protect a user's vision in wet conditions.

Featuring channels along the brow line and a rubber gasket that creates a seal against the face, the safety goggles protect eyes from sweat, rain and other liquids. The rubber gasket is removable for easy conversion to standard protective eyewear. The goggles also have super-flex temples that fit any face, TempleTouch™ technology said to comfortably grip the sides of the head, lenses with N-FOG™ PLUS anti-fog technology and a removable strap for an extra-secure fit.

Telephone: (770) 674-8930

Hoist carries up to 300 pounds

Safety Hoist Co. has introduced its VH-300 material hoist capable of carrying up to 300 pounds of materials.

Lightweight and durable, the VH-300 material hoist reportedly can reach steep-slope roofs and other hard-to-reach areas, and its unique unloading ramp places materials away from a roof's edge. No special tools are required to assemble the hoist, which can be assembled and operated by one person. A custom support brace is said to provide extra support for longer ladder lengths, reducing the risk of injuries.

Telephone: (877) 99-HOIST (994-6478)

Cable offers ice dam protection

Pentair Technical Solutions has introduced its Raychem FrostGuard heating cable to protect roofs from ice dam formation.

Best used on small roofs, porches and overhangs, the Raychem FrostGuard heating cable helps prevent ice dam formation. The cable may be applied to a variety of roofing materials, including wood, metal and shingles.

The heating cable is available in eight lengths, and a user can plug the cable into a 120-volt outlet to tailor the length to meet his or her specific needs. The heating cable reportedly features self-regulating technology to ensure heat is emitted only as needed, and the cable can be overlapped without causing hot spots or burnouts.

Telephone: (800) 545-6258

Railing system is highly visible

The Bilco® Co. has introduced its Bil-Guard® 2.0 Roof Hatch Safety Railing System, which is designed to provide fall protection over roof hatch openings.

The Bil-Guard 2.0 Roof Hatch Safety Railing System is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum rails painted a highly visible yellow color for safety. The railing system also features a corrosion-resistant standard self-closing and latching gate to ensure the roof hatch opening always is protected; nonpenetrating attachments that mount directly to the cap flashing of any roof hatch; and a lightweight design for easy transportation to a roof. The railing system is available in a variety of sizes said to accommodate any roof opening.

Telephone: (800) 366-6530

NRCA releases new roofing manual

NRCA has released The NRCA Roofing Manual: Steep-slope Roof Systems—2017.

The newest edition to The NRCA Roofing Manual series contains updated information about the design, materials and installation techniques applicable to asphalt shingle, clay and concrete tile, metal shingle, slate, and wood shake and wood shingle roof systems used in steep-slope applications. Construction details and information about the roof decks, underlayments, materials, design and installation for each roof system type also is included in this volume.

The publication is available as a free download to NRCA members via NRCA's online bookstore,, or NRCA's app, which can be downloaded from Apple's App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store. Hard copies of the manual may be purchased from


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