New Ideas

Hammer tackers are lightweight

Bon® Tool Co. has introduced its Heavy Duty BHTC Hammer Tacker and Pro-Quality B19 Hammer Tacker. The all-steel Heavy Duty BHTC Hammer Tacker is lightweight and features a nonslip, padded-handle grip and built-in buffer plate said to protect the work piece from damage. The Heavy Duty BHTC Hammer Tacker is designed for quick staple application, and its spring-load staple feed can accommodate 1/4- to 9/16-inch-long staples. The Pro-Quality B19 Hammer Tacker can accommodate 1/4- to 3/8-inch-long staples.

Saw has an electronic brake

DEWALT® has added the FLEXVOLT® 60V MAX 7 1/4-inch Worm Drive Style Saw to its FLEXVOLT System. The saw is designed with its blade oriented to the left of the motor and the handle positioned at the rear of the saw, and an electronic brake helps stop the blade after the trigger is released. Featuring a magnesium shoe and brushless motor, the saw cuts smoothly and reportedly has an extended runtime. Capable of making a 2 7/16-inch depth cut at 90 degrees, the FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 7 1/4-inch Worm Drive Style Saw has a bevel capacity of 53 degrees with stops at 45 degrees and 22 1/2 degrees. The saw also features a rafter hook that enables users to hang the tool. The saw is said to be ideal for use in a variety of wood-cutting applications such as oriented strand board, plywood and hardwoods.