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Accessories aid TPO installations

GenFlex Roofing Systems LLC has introduced the Peel & Stick Reinforced Perimeter Strip (RPS) and Roof Membrane Attachment (RMA) strip to its Peel & Stick TPO accessory product line.

RPS and RMA feature GenFlex White Seam Tape laminated to strips of pre-primed TPO membrane. RPS reportedly can be used with GenFlex Clear Primer to create nonpenetrating wall flashing details at perimeters and corners of mechanically attached TPO roof systems, and RMA reportedly can be used with GenFlex Clear Primer to create nonpenetrating field membrane attachment details at perimeters and corners of mechanically attached TPO roof systems.

Both products are available in 100-foot rolls. RPS is 6 inches wide, and RMA is 10 inches wide.

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Snips feature improved grips

Malco Products Inc.'s Malco Max2000 Aviation Snips now feature molded thermoplastic grips; the grips are permanently fitted over the snips' full-length steel handle shafts and reportedly offer strength, comfort and improved handling.

Malco Max2000 Aviation Snips' narrower grip opening is said to accommodate all hand sizes and maximize leverage. The snips also include an ambidextrous latch featuring an all-metal design that reportedly can be operated with one hand and will not loosen or hang up with repeated use.

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Storage solutions maximize space

KNAACK LLC has introduced WEATHER GUARD van storage solutions for the Ford Transit Connect van.

The storage solutions feature a custom bulkhead that reportedly maximizes space, as well as numerous shelving and accessory options. The bulkhead reportedly protects against shifting loads, minimizes rattling and optimizes space. A wire mesh bulkhead and wire mesh window screens are available and reportedly provide greater visibility, and shelves are available in 12- and 14-inch widths.

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Leak barrier protects roofs

GAF-Elk has introduced the Weather Watch® XT leak barrier as part of its Smart Choice® Roof System Solution. It reportedly helps prevent wind-driven rain and ice dams from forcing water underneath a roof system.

Weather Watch XT leak barrier is said to create a watertight seal at eaves, rakes and valleys and around chimneys and other roof penetrations. The leak barrier's coated surface reportedly provides superior underfoot traction. It is said to self-seal around nails and metal roof fasteners and features a dual-side selvage and split-back release film that reportedly ease installation and reduce labor costs.

The company also has introduced its Cobra® FasciaFlow™ Premium Intake Vent, which reportedly provides intake ventilation for homes that are difficult to vent with little or no soffit and/or undereave area.

The Cobra FasciaFlow Premium Intake Vent provides 9 square inches per linear foot of net ventilation area and is said to improve the efficiency of most attic ventilation systems.

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Adhesive is environmentally friendly

ADCO Products Inc. has introduced its Millennium One Step™ Green Foamable Adhesive, a two-component polyurethane adhesive for bonding rigid insulation board.

Millennium One Step Green Foamable Adhesive is manufactured with 45 percent rapidly renewable materials and reportedly contains low volatile organic compounds. The adhesive is designed for use with the company's Multi-Bead Applicator Plus.

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Alerts inform users

EagleView™ Technologies Inc. has added a feature to its aerial measurement services that allows users to receive alerts on their mobile devices.

Users can receive order delivery notification and basic report details, including total area, pitch values, eave, rake and street address. Text alerts are free, and users can choose the alerts they wish to receive.

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Shingles are offered in color combinations

Owens Corning has introduced its Duration® Series Shingles Designer Colors Collection, which features shingles in seven color combinations.

The collection features the company's Sure-Nail® installation technology, which reportedly allows the shingles to be installed quickly and with fewer mistakes, reducing callbacks.

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Textured sealant is available

Pecora® Corp. has introduced 890FTS-TXTR, a textured form of its 890FTS Field Tintable Silicone.

890FTS-TXTR reportedly provides joint movement and a grout-like finish, is nonstaining and can be tinted at a job site. The silicone sealant is available in 51 standard colors.

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System eases installation

Gooftech LLC has introduced its Cable Tight system, which consists of high-strength aircraft cables anchored in a grid design and encased in thermoplastic that can be installed over new thermoplastic membrane installations.

The Cable Tight system reportedly reduces labor requirements, installation time and material costs and does not subject installers or building occupants to harsh fumes. The system reportedly eases the installation of thermoplastic roof membranes on industrial and commercial concrete decks.

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