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Lifeline system supports three workers

Kee Safety® Inc. has introduced its improved KeeLine® horizontal lifeline system said to offer easier installation on bitumen membrane roofs and improved weather-resistance.

KeeLine is a wire-based permanent lifeline system designed to provide fall protection for up to three workers on rooftops where guardrails are not suitable. KeeLine's improvements include a redesigned post and baseplate, new toggle fixings, a slim-line corner design, stronger rivets and reduced-height intermediate posts. Spans of up to 50 feet between the new posts reportedly allow users to travel along the system without needing to detach at any time. KeeLine has a 5/16-inch stainless-steel wire that permits multiple fixing options and resists corrosion. In the event of a fall, KeeLine's in-line shock absorbers minimize loads applied to the building, reducing damage. KeeLine is said to comply with standards from the American National Standards Institute, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Canadian Standards Association.

Telephone: (800) 851-5181

Blower clears heavy debris

DEWALT® has introduced its 60V MAX Handheld Blower (DCBL770X1) designed to help users quickly clear job-site debris.

The blower features a brushless motor capable of expelling air up to 129 mph and a flat concentrator nozzle said to increase air speed up to 175 mph for clearing heavy debris. A variable speed trigger and lock enable a user to fully control the throttle without needing to constantly hold down the trigger.

Telephone: (800) 4-DEWALT (433-9258)

Sealant closes two-inch joints

Mule-Hide Products Co. has introduced JTS 1 Joint & Termination Sealant designed to quickly seal large joints and termination bars without sagging or shrinking.

The 100 percent solids moisture-cure urethane sealant can be applied in dry and wet surface applications and adheres to EPDM and PVC membranes, concrete, masonry, wood, vinyl and other building materials in 30 minutes. The sealant's solids content is said to eliminate sagging and shrinking, providing a watertight closure of joints up to 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep. The sealant produces minimal odor and is available in eight colors.

Telephone: (800) 786-1492

Fall-protection devices reduce lock-ups

FallTech® has launched a new line of Dura-Tech Self-Retracting Devices (SRDs) with a side cable payout to provide fall protection for workers.

Designed with smoother cable extension and retraction, DuraTech SRDs reportedly allow workers to move more efficiently on job sites. DuraTech SRDs feature internal braking systems to provide fast braking in the event of a fall, 3/16-inch galvanized wire cables and load-indicating locking swivel carabiners for secure connection to workers' harnesses. DuraTech SRDs are available in lengths of 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 or 60 feet and said to comply with applicable American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

In addition, FallTech has updated its Contractor+ line of harnesses to provide a more supportive and secure fit. Contractor+ harnesses now feature chest slides with integrated lanyard keepers to provide easier attachment points for lanyard connectors; stiffer waist belts to improve longevity; stiffer waist pads sewn into the torso straps to prevent the pads from slipping while supporting heavier tool bag loads; and increased padding to improve comfort and usability. Contractor+ harnesses reportedly comply with all applicable ANSI and OSHA standards.

Telephone: (800) 719-4619

Adhesive covers up to 30 squares

ICP Adhesives & Sealants Inc. has introduced Polyset® Board-Max,™ a two-component, low-rise polyurethane foam adhesive.

Polyset Board-Max adhesive is designed to secure insulation and cover boards to a variety of roof decks and substrates. Available in an all-in-one kit, the adhesive reportedly is volatile organic compound-compliant and offers up to 30 squares of coverage. Polyset Board-Max can be applied in ambient temperatures and on substrate temperatures as low as 30 F. Polyset Board-Max also features Colorwise® Temperature Warning Nozzles that change color from clear to blue to indicate when the chemical has reached a cold temperature below 60 F.

Telephone: (330) 753-4585

Metal colors are energy-efficient

Petersen Aluminum Corp. has made available seven PAC-CLAD finishes for its metal roofing and wall panels. Aged bronze, burnished slate and graphite have been added as standard finishes, and anodic clear, silversmith, weathered copper and weathered steel have been added as premium colors.

The colors are made from a 70 percent PVDF Kynar® formula and reportedly meet LEED, ENERGY STAR® and Cool Roof Rating Council certification requirements.

Telephone: (800) PAC-CLAD (722-2523)

Membrane seals out air and moisture

SOPREMA® Inc. has made available its SOPRASEAL® LM 204 VP (vapor permeable) liquid-applied membrane.

The fully-adhered, monolithic membrane is said to provide air infiltration and moisture protection while offering ease of use in cold and hot temperature applications. The membrane can be applied in temperatures as low as 25 F without the use of additives. SOPRASEAL LM 204 VP also is low-odor, resistant to shrinkage, and moisture-curable in low relative humidity and low temperature applications. The membrane reportedly requires less wet film to achieve dry film thickness.

Telephone: (800) 356-3521


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