New Ideas

Drone generates roof reports

DroneDeploy has launched Roof Report, a drone solution for the roofing industry designed to generate accurate roof analytics. Roof Report is said to integrate an autonomous 3D Flight App with a roof-specific flight mode and an application that generates PDF roof reports and DXF files. The mapping and roof inspection platform allows companies to capture information from multiple houses. In 10 minutes, Roof Report's DroneDeploy 3D Flight App collects high-resolution aerial roof imagery of structural features and delivers a PDF containing square footage, slope and other roof features within four hours.

Perforated shingles help reduce waste

TAMKO® Building Products Inc. has added its Perforated Starter shingle to its line of starter shingles. Constructed from fiberglass mat coated with asphalt and surfaced with ceramic granules, the Perforated Starter shingle is intended for application to a roof's eave or rake edge to assist with proper alignment of a shingle course. The shingle's perforation reportedly helps contractors save time and reduce waste. The starter strip is said to fill in spaces under shingle joints and help the first course of shingles to seal. The Perforated Starter shingle can be used with TAMKO Building Products' line of asphalt shingles and comes in a bundle of 16 full-size, 13 1/4-inch perforated shingles to be separated into 32 starter strip shingles.