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Misting system provides heat relief

Ergodyne has added the SHAX® 6095 Misting System to its line of SHAX Portable Work Shelters.

The SHAX 6095 Misting System is designed to provide heat stress relief for crews working outside in oppressive heat. The pressurized system reportedly does not require a battery or power source because it can be pumped manually or fastened to a hose. The system features eight brass nozzles that connect to more than 25 feet of silicone tubing and attach to the suspension system of a pop-up tent with eight hook and loop straps. A single set of hand pumps connected to the system's portable, two-gallon tank is said to provide up to 20 minutes of misting. SHAX replacement tanks, replacement nozzles, and a misting nozzles and plugs kit also are available.

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