New Ideas

ID device can summon emergency aid

SoloProtect® Worker Safety Solutions has made available SoloProtect ID, a mobile communications device designed to help protect employees who are working alone. SoloProtect ID is styled as an ID badge for comfortable wear and discreet use. When faced with a social or environmental risk, a user can press a button to initiate a communication channel with SoloProtect Worker Safety Solutions' in-house emergency dispatch center, which monitors calls 24/7. Equipped with GPS location tracking, the device also reportedly has a Yellow Alert function enabling a user to record a 30-second message containing exact location details, such as floor number and other situationally important information, before beginning work. And SoloProtect ID's Man Down feature monitors tilt, nonmovement and impact and automatically will contact the dispatch center if necessary.

Roof membrane products are odorless

SOPREMA® Inc. has introduced its SURE-STICK™ line of odorless, self-adhering roof membrane products for commercial roofing applications. SURE-STICK Nail Base is an SBS polymer-modified anchor sheet designed for application over wood roof decks and other nailable substrates. ELASTOPHENE SURE-STICK, a fiberglass-reinforced base ply, and SOPRALENE SURE-STICK, a polyester-reinforced base ply, feature film surfaces that reportedly do not require priming during installation of cap sheets. ELASTOPHENE SURE-STICK FR GR is a fire-retardant cap sheet with a granulated surface featuring a side lap film and split-back release film underneath said to make application easier. All SURE-STICK self-adhering products reportedly feature a specially formulated underside compound designed for reliable application in cold temperatures.

View job sites from the air

Nearmap has introduced Nearmap Oblique,™ an aerial imagery and photo measurement tool said to give users instant access to high-resolution, multiple-perspective aerial views of urban areas in the U.S. Major cities are photographed multiple times per year, and the photos are made available online within days of capture. Contractors can use Nearmap Oblique to view and precisely measure job sites, reportedly increasing the accuracy of material estimates while reducing site visits. Nearmap Oblique also includes access to MapBrowser,™ a web-based application that enables users to view Nearmap's library of current and historical aerial photos.

Concrete tile hues are beach-inspired

Boral Roofing LLC has added six colors to its line of concrete roof tiles. Inspired by beach landscapes, Ashen Blend, Café Sand Blend, Mottled White Blend, Atmosphere Blend, Oceana Blend and Beach Blonde Blend each reflect a seaside element. With cool tones and undertones of gray, the hues are said to complement houses with contemporary and transitional architectural styles. The tiles reportedly are durable, Class A fire-rated, energy-efficient and said to reduce a building's heating and cooling demands.

Drill screws are corrosion-resistant

Triangle Fastener Corp. has expanded its line of BLAZER® Drill Screws with new sizes designed to attach metal panels over rigid insulation. The screws feature two threads with an unthreaded section in between said to eliminate panel jacking during installation. A 1/4-inch thread under the screw head reportedly helps tightly secure a metal panel against the head. The screws also feature BLAZER 3 drill points for quick penetrations and a TRI-SEAL® salt-spray coating said to provide enhanced corrosion protection. BLAZER Drill Screws now are available in lengths of 1 7/8 inches, 2 3/8 inches, 3 1/4 inches or 4 inches with zinc alloy or stainless-steel caps.

Ladder is safety green

Little Giant Ladder Systems has made available its HyperLite™ SumoStance® extension ladder designed for safe, stable use on job sites. HyperLite SumoStance's leveling outrigger system reportedly doubles the ladder's base width and increases side-tip stability. Additional safety features include nonconductive green rails for increased visibility; a side-to-side bubble level and front-to-back angle indicator; and a side-mounted, dual-pulley system said to reduce the effort required to lift the fly section, removing a potential trip hazard. Wide rungs and Sure-Set™ foot rests allow a user to set his or her feet in a flat or spike position to work comfortably without foot fatigue.


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