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Roofing adhesive is solvent-free

Chem Link Inc. has introduced its SBS Mod-Bit Adhesive, a solvent-free roofing adhesive for SBS polymer-modified bitumen installations. Chem Link introduced its solvent-free Single Ply EPDM Adhesive last year.

SBS Mod-Bit Adhesive and Single Ply EPDM Adhesive are not water-based and are said to bond aggressively to common roofing materials, including expanded polystyrene insulation, polyisocyanurate board and fiber recovery board. The adhesives reportedly are odor-free and safe to use in occupied buildings, such as schools, hospitals, offices, food processing plants and other areas where solvent vapors and odors are not tolerated.

Telephone: (800) 826-1681

Headwear keeps workers cool

Ergodyne has added its Chill-Its® 6700CT Evaporative Bandana with Cooling Towel and Chill-Its 6710CT Evaporative Triangle Hat with Cooling Towel to its Chill-Its Cooling product line.

The new products feature polyvinyl acetate material, which reportedly keeps workers cool without added bulk, weight and residue from conventional cooling solutions. They activate after soaking in water for two to five minutes.

Telephone: (800) 225-8238

Storage options keep equipment secure

WEATHER GUARD® and Knaack LLC have made available WEATHER GUARD's customized van storage equipment for the new Nissan NV Commercial Van, including a driver-friendly bulkhead and various shelving, specialty storage and roof rack options.

WEATHER GUARD offers a customized Nissan NV bulkhead in standard roof and high roof models, as well as bulkhead accessories such as hard hats, fire extinguishers and extension cord brackets, literature holders, and first aid kit and safety reflector kit trays. WEATHER GUARD also offers up to 90 inches of 18-gauge steel shelving for the van's cargo area to store tools and organize and secure equipment.

Additionally, WEATHER GUARD and Knaack have made available WEATHER GUARD's redesigned Hi-Side Truck Boxes.

The boxes feature a WEATHER GUARD gutter design that channels rain and snow off the boxes to keep their contents dry.

The boxes' enhancements include a drill-resistant lock core to protect against theft and vandalism; an attachment point at the rear of each box to secure or lock down tools and supplies in the truck bed; and a removable parts bin to keep small parts organized inside the box. Additionally, tool-free quick-release doors open from 90 degrees to 180 degrees for unrestricted access to tools and equipment.

Telephone: (800) 456-7865

Low-slope roof solar power system is lightweight

Westinghouse Solar Inc. has made available its lightweight, nonpenetrating low-slope roof solar power system designed for commercial roofing projects.

The solar power system reportedly is designed aerodynamically with wind tunnel testing to resist high winds, minimizing the ballast weight necessary for the system. It also is pre-engineered at a 5-degree angle to maximize energy production.

Telephone: (866) 442-7873

Manual provides shingle application instructions

CertainTeed Corp. has released the 10th edition of its Shingle Applicator's Manual. The comprehensive, fully illustrated manual features application instructions for all CertainTeed shingle products, as well as workmanship guidelines.

Additionally, the manual includes information about new product lines, such as CedarCrest™ Hip and Ridge Accessory and Highland Slate,™ a new shingle said to create the look of slate roofing for an affordable price.

The manual and its companion DVD are available in English and Spanish.

Telephone: (800) 233-8990

Roof pavers are environmentally friendly

LiveRoof® LLC has introduced RoofStone™ roof pavers for its LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roof System.

RoofStone pavers measure 1 foot wide by 2 feet long by 4 inches tall to match the dimensions of LiveRoof Standard modules and 6 inches tall for LiveRoof Deep modules. The pavers feature built-in pedestals with water channels and fit against LiveRoof modules, reportedly eliminating the need for special edging. They also include hand grips and reportedly are manufactured in 100 percent recycled postindustrial polypropylene.

RoofStone roof pavers are available in six colors: sage, light reflective, mocha, charcoal, beach sand and red brick.

Telephone: (800) 875-1392

Roof restoration system is upgraded

The Garland Co. Inc.® has upgraded its liquid waterproofing roof restoration system, White-Knight® Plus/White-Stallion® Plus. The restoration system is a highly reflective, multipurpose, single-component aliphatic urethane coating designed to maintain, restore and upgrade the performance of existing aged single-ply, metal, smooth built-up and polymer-modified bitumen roof systems.

White-Knight Plus/White-Stallion Plus is said to have a tensile strength of 1,700 pounds per square inch and tear strength exceeding 700 pound-feet per inch. The system reportedly applies easily using a brush, roller or spray.

Telephone: (800) 321-9336

Mounting products add strength and stability

Quick Mount PV has introduced two mechanical roof attachment products: Quick Mount Low-Slope Mount for commercial low-slope roofs and Quick Mount New Roof Composition Mount for residential new construction, as well as its double-flashed Universal Tile Mount designed for use with retrofit installations and new roof construction on flat tile or Spanish tile roofs. Universal Tile Mount replaces Quick Mount's Curved Tile Mount.

The three products incorporate Quick Mount PV's QBase, which provides a stout foundation with a 1-inch-deep, buttress-reinforced flange and allows use of standoff posts up to 9 inches tall. It reportedly attaches securely to a roofing substrate or structure with two or four fasteners per mount.

Quick Mount Low-Slope Mount reportedly integrates easily with new and retrofit installations on single-ply membrane roofs, built-up asphalt roofs and other roof types in hot or cold applications.

Quick Mount New Roof Composition Mount is said to interface smoothly with the overall construction process. The QBase and standoff post are mounted into rafters by the solar energy system installer, who then leaves a detachable preformed seamless flashing on-site for roofing workers to install.

The 12- by 12-inch coned flashings are spin-shaped from a single aluminum sheet. The cone reportedly raises the entry point 13/4 inches off a deck with no welds or seams.

Telephone: (925) 687-6686

Square-based pricing is easy to understand

EagleView® Technologies has introduced its square-based report pricing for contractors. Cost is determined by the size of a roof in squares with residential roofs falling into small, medium and large categories; commercial roofs are offered at one price.

According to the square-based pricing, a small residential roof is 20 squares or less; a medium roof is 21 to 40 squares; and a large roof is 40 squares or more. Prices reportedly will vary depending on volume and business partnership programs. Contractors will qualify for bronze, silver, gold or platinum pricing under the new EagleView Edge Rewards program.

Telephone: (866) 659-8439

Underlayment protects roofs from moisture

MFM Building Products Corp. has introduced its IB-3™ StormStopper underlayment, a self-adhering mineral-surfaced underlayment that can be applied directly to a roof deck.

IB-3 StormStopper is designed to be installed under roof systems at edges, valleys and whole roof applications to prevent water or moisture entry. Its specially formulated rubberized asphalt adhesive reportedly seals around nails and forms a long-lasting barrier.

The product is said to be ideal for new construction or reroofing applications and can be installed under metal roofing materials.

IB-3 StormStopper comes with a protective split-release liner to protect the product until installation.The underlayment comes in 67-foot-long by 36-inch-wide rolls in 200-square-foot cartons.

Telephone: (800) 882-7663

Roof coating is durable

Nationwide Chemical Coating Mfrs. Inc. has introduced its PERMA-1-KOTE,® an elastomeric acrylic, insulating ceramic, waterproofing protective roof coating.

The bright white, reflective, low-volatile organic compound coating is said to resist mildew and algae. It is recommended for use on well-draining, sloped roof surfaces. Its single-coat application is said to maximize roofing workers' efficiency.

Telephone: (800) 423-7264


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