New Ideas

Drill drivers allow high-torque applications

Bosch Power Tools has introduced the DDH181X drill and HDH181X hammer/drill drivers. The drill drivers operate on 18-volt lithium-ion batteries, weigh less than 5 pounds and are less than 9 inches in length. The drill drivers feature Active Response Technology,™ allowing high-torque applications to be handled efficiently and effectively while reducing the risk of kickback; a new auxiliary handle with 23 positions and a tongue-and-groove locking structure; and a four-pole motor with two-speed transmission and 25 clutch settings. The DDH181X can handle 700 inch-pounds of hard-torque, and the HDH181X can handle 750 inch-pounds. The drill drivers also have an electronic motor and cell protection to help prevent overheating and overloading.

In addition, Bosch Power Tools has introduced the CM8S Compound Miter Saw, CSW41 Worm Drive Saw, Bosch Mortar Knife and Bosch Industrial Sealant Knife to its tool lineup.

The CM8S Compound Miter Saw is a portable 37-pound, 8-inch single bevel sliding compound miter saw with nearly the same cutting capacity as a 10-inch miter saw. The miter saw's maximum cut capacities are 12 1/4-inch cross-cut at 0 degrees, 8-inch miter at 45 degrees, 2 3/4-inch upright base and 3 1/2 maximum crown. The miter saw includes a 48T blade, blade wrench and dust bag.