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Safety glasses have anti-fog lenses

Brass Knuckle® has introduced its Snap and Mega models of anti-fog safety glasses designed to enable workers to see clearly in humid, moist or temperature-variant environments.

The Snap and Mega safety glasses feature Brass Knuckle's N-FOG™ PLUS lens coating to prevent condensation on the lenses in the presence of water spray, wastewater, high humidity or dramatic changes in temperature. Snap and Mega glasses reportedly resist heavy-duty impacts, ultraviolet rays and abrasion.

The Snap glasses have a partially rimless design and black temples with green accents. A soft, flexible PivotEase™ nosepiece provides a no-slip fit, and TempleTouch™ grip dots on the insides of the temples are said to reduce pinching and maximize wearer comfort. The Mega glasses feature a cushioned foam-dust protector to prevent fine particles from falling behind the frame and lenses. Mega glasses reportedly have an interchangeable design allowing a wearer to control how tightly the glasses fit by adjusting the length of the temples or by using an attached strap.