New Ideas

Saw blades break away after use

DEWALT® has made available its BREAKAWAY™ Reciprocating Saw Blades designed for cutting galvanized pipe, copper pipe, conduit, metal studs and other metals. The saw blades feature a 2-blades-in-1 design that enables users to break away a used section of the blade and reinsert the unused blade section into the saw to maximize blade use. BREAKAWAY Reciprocating Saw Blades are available in 6- and 9-inch lengths—the 6-inch blades break into 4-inch blades said to be ideal for cutting materials up to 1 inch in diameter, and the 9-inch blades break into 6-inch blades said to be ideal for cutting materials up to 2 inches in diameter. The saw blades also feature a thick kerf for durability and a 14/18 teeth per inch variable tooth pattern for optimized cuts in a variety of metal cutting applications.

Redesigned harness protects workers at heights

FallTech® has redesigned its Journeyman FLEX harness, which now features enhanced padding with air mesh linings said to improve air circulation and moisture-wicking; Visi-Lock Quick Connect chest and leg buckles with a visual indicator that displays green when properly fastened; webbing with a tighter construction for improved strength and durability; and D-rings positioned at the hip to maximize worker efficiency. The Journeyman FLEX harness is available in aluminum and steel models.

Walk safely on high-traction underlayment

CertainTeed Corp. has introduced RoofRunner,™ a lightweight synthetic polymer-based underlayment. RoofRunner reportedly features a tear-resistant design and high-traction, water-resistant surface for safe walkability in wet and dry conditions. The underlayment is available in a large roll measuring 4 by 250 feet and is Class A fire-rated.

Drum conversion kit expands PaceCart capacity

OMG® Roofing Products has introduced its 15 Gallon Drum Conversion Kit for use with a PaceCart. The new drum size increases holding capacity by 5 gallons, allowing contractors to dispense more OlyBond500 adhesive per hour and giving contractors an alternative to purchasing new equipment. The conversion kit reportedly can be assembled quickly and is easy to operate. After installation, contractors can apply adhesive from Bag-in-Box sets or 15-gallon drums.

Flexible clip removes tripping hazards

Glove Guard® has introduced its OktoLock® Clip designed to safely secure and elevate cords and other potential tripping hazards. Made of flexible plastic, the clip's upper loop can fit hand railings and pipes up to 2 inches in diameter. OktoLock Clip's lower loop has a 3-inch diameter and reportedly can hold cords, hoses, cables, welding leads and stingers up to 75 pounds.

Hat offers cooling relief from heat

Ergodyne has made available its Chill-Its® 6686 Dry Evaporative Cooling Hat designed to comfortably manage heat stress. The lightweight hat is adjustable and activates when a user fills the watertight cap with three ounces of fresh water. The hat reportedly provides up to three days of cooling relief with a maximum cooling capacity of 59 F. The reusable hat is said to have an antimicrobial treatment to inhibit mold growth and is machine-washable.

Clear sealant does not require color-matching

Mule-Hide Products Co. has added Mule-Hide 100% Silicone Sealant in Clear to its line of Silicone Roof Coating System products. Mule-Hide 100% Silicone Sealant in Clear is a high-solids, nonshrinking moisture-cure sealant designed for sealing and repairing roof systems and metal roof seams and fasteners. The clear sealant reportedly allows users to complete projects without spending time color-matching. Mule-Hide 100% Silicone Sealant in Clear is said to adhere to concrete, polyurethane foam, EPDM membranes, TPO membranes, aged PVC membranes, wood, metals and other common building materials.

Roofing nailer is lightweight

PrimeSource Building Products Inc. has redesigned its Grip-Rite Coil Roofing nailer. The nailer now features a lightweight aluminum body and cap, tar-resistant nose, rotating metal belt hook, and improved speed and power. A vinyl siding attachment also is available.

Penetration seal system does not require flashing

Chem Link has introduced its 5-inch E-Curb penetration seal system. The lightweight seal system is said to feature interlocking slip-fit technology for quick assembly and installation and does not require flashing or mechanical attachment. The system reportedly can be used for granulated polymer-modified bitumen, asphalt and coal-tar built-up roofing applications, as well as PVC, PIB and TPO single-ply roof membranes.

Brackets fit trapezoidal roof shapes

S-5! has introduced its line of RibBracket I-IV products designed to fit most common trapezoidal roof shapes. RibBracket is available in four shapes (I-IV) said to be flexible enough to fit several trapezoidal widths. The brackets feature a high profile to ensure there is space between a roof and devices attached to the roof and reportedly are designed for convenient wire management and access for the installation of a solar system. Four attachment points provide holding strength.


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