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IMPACT READY® accessories are expanded

DEWALT® has expanded its line of IMPACT READY Fastening & Drilling tools to include IMPACT READY Drill & Tap Accessories, Screw Lock Holder and Drive Guide.

The IMPACT READY Drill & Tap Accessories' primary features include a 3-in-1 drill, tap and countersink feature, and a speed tip that provide 1/4-inch material cut capacity. The IMPACT READY Screw Lock Holder is said to offer magnetism that is 10 times stronger than conventional holders, as well as a quick-release mechanism, floating ring magnet and removable sleeve. The IMPACT READY Drive Guide reportedly features stainless-steel parts, 1 1/2-inch sleeve extension and a FlexTorq™ bit holder for durability. All IMPACT READY accessories are designed for use with DEWALT's line of impact drivers.

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