New Ideas

Waxes are made from recycled plastics

GreenMantra™ Technologies has introduced its Ceranovus™ polypropylene waxes produced from post-industrial plastic waste and post-consumer recycled plastics. Ceranovus polypropylene waxes reportedly can be used in asphalt roofing to stabilize or increase the softening point of commercial, residential or peel-and-stick roofing products. The waxes also can decrease penetration in some formulations and improve compound stability and impact resistance. Ceranovus A series polypropylene waxes are designed for applications that are not color-specific, and Ceranovus G series polypropylene waxes are designed for color-sensitive applications. Made with 100 percent recycled materials, Ceranovus polypropylene waxes can help buildings qualify for LEED certification.

Waterproofing membrane resists punctures

W.R. MEADOWS® Inc. has made available its CLAY-TITE Bentonite Waterproofing Membrane, a dual-layer membrane made with HDPE, sodium bentonite and a nonwoven polypropylene protective layer. HDPE waterproofs the membrane; bentonite's self-sealing capability reportedly provides puncture protection under hydrostatic conditions; and the membrane's polypropylene fabric is said to protect the bentonite on a job site. Designed for use below grade, durable CLAY-TITE Bentonite Waterproofing Membranes can be used in vertical and horizontal applications and installed in all weather conditions.