New Ideas

Rotary hammer has two battery options

Hilti has added the Hilti Cordless rotary hammer (TE 6-A36-AVR) to its line of 36 V cordless tools. Featuring Hilti Active Vibration Reduction technology, a D-grip for comfort and a chiseling feature for light-duty corrective chipping, the Hilti Cordless rotary hammer reportedly can be used on steel, wood and plastic. The hammer is compatible with two battery types: The Hilti B36/5.2 CPC Li-Ion industry class battery provides a longer runtime, and the B36/2.6 Li-Ion compact class battery is a lightweight option for operators completing overhead work. An optional TE 6-A dust-removal system can be added for virtually dust-free operation. The Hilti Cordless rotary hammer delivers 1 1/2 foot-pounds of single impact energy and a gear speed of 1,040 revolutions per minute to enable drilling and hammering in concrete or masonry.

Roof coatings shield commercial roof systems

Duro-Last® Inc. has introduced its Duro-Shield® line of roof coatings and materials. Designed to enhance the performance of commercial roof systems, the Duro-Shield 20, Duro-Shield 10 and Duro-Shield 5 roof coatings are 100 percent elastomeric acrylic with reflective white finishes. Duro-Shield 20 reportedly offers protection and enhancement with 35 mils of coverage when dry; Duro-Shield 10 offers 24 mils of coverage when dry; and Duro-Shield 5 offers 20 mils of coverage when dry. Additional Duro-Shield products include Duro-Shield Primer, Duro-Shield Brush Grade Mastic and Polyester Reinforcement Fabric.