New year, new opportunity

Happy New Year, everyone! My wish for you and your companies is the best of success and good health.

I have completed my first year as NRCA's CEO, and what a year it has been. I have enjoyed being back from Washington, D.C., and re-engaging with my friends in the roofing industry. It's great being surrounded by hardworking, results-oriented people who make incredible contributions to their communities. Being part of one of the oldest professions, I take a great deal of pride in what you do every day.

A few weeks ago, I was reminiscing with former NRCA President Frank Lawson and his wife, Arlene, in San Francisco. We briefly discussed how, collectively, the roofing industry wants to be recognized as a professional, desirable trade. I can remember my first term on NRCA's Executive Committee in 1995 when we talked about improving the industry's image. NRCA made it a point of emphasis in 2006 when I was president of the association.

And here we are in 2018 still carrying the same concern. How do we get young people to consider entering the trade and, more important, the entire population to view us differently and clearly see us as the professionals we are?