Planning ahead

NRCA continues to pursue strategies to help members address workforce needs

On June 15, President Trump issued an Executive Order to expand and streamline registered apprenticeship programs operated by the Department of Labor (DOL). NRCA welcomes this initiative, which has great potential to help roofing contractors address their future workforce development needs, and looks forward to working with DOL as it develops a proposal to implement the Executive Order.

Workforce crisis

President Trump's Executive Order to expand and streamline apprenticeship programs is desperately needed to address the workforce shortage that has reached a crisis point within the roofing industry. As a result of an aging workforce and a nationwide effort among high school guidance counselors to promote college education vs. the trades, the problem will become even more acute moving forward. Additionally, the enormous rebuilding efforts after the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico will further exacerbate workforce shortages in the affected areas.

Although there are numerous opportunities for jobs that pay well in the industry (the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the mean hourly wage for roofing workers was $20.23 in 2016), NRCA members indicate a persistent lack of candidates to fill job openings is the largest limiting factor to growing their businesses.