Recognizing the extraordinary

George Denton wins the Best of the Best Award

"Dedication" is one of the first words that springs to mind when hearing George Denton's co-workers talk about him. Denton, superintendent for the service division at Supreme Systems Inc., Dallas, works not only in all types of weather but also at all times of day.

"George is the first one here and last to leave," says Craig Rainey, service manager for Supreme Systems. "He comes in on weekends and after hours when we've got tornadoes, hurricanes and hail. He comes to work every day giving 110 percent."

That dedication is part of the reason Denton recently won Professional Roofing's annual Best of the Best Award, an extension of The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress' Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards co-sponsored by OMG Roofing Products Inc., Agawam, Mass.

"George Denton has excelled in many positions during the 16 years he has worked for Supreme Systems, and in every role he demonstrated an extraordinary work ethic and overall commitment to customer satisfaction," says Josh Kelly, vice president and general manager of OMG Roofing Products and a member of the MVP Task Force. "He started in a service truck and worked his way up to superintendent of the maintenance department. Whether managing hailstorm response or coordinating rooftop service, George always is dependable, efficient and ready to help. He has the attitude and commitment we all picture when we consider the best of the best in our industry."