Recommendations for better shingling

A new NRCA publication provides best practice guidelines for asphalt shingles

In April, NRCA published a new edition of NRCA Guidelines for Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems, which provides NRCA's latest best practice guidelines applicable to the design and application of asphalt shingle roof systems.

Document overview

Recognizing the publication will not be read cover to cover like a novel, NRCA formatted the guidelines to be used as a reference manual. For example, Chapter 1—Roof System Configurations provides detailed descriptions of 16 variations of four common asphalt shingle roof system configurations used for new construction, roof system replacement and roof re-cover, and it directs users to more detailed information in subsequent chapters.

Separate appendices are provided addressing condensation control and ventilation for steep-slope roof assemblies, quality control and quality-assurance guidelines of the installation of asphalt shingle roof systems, roof accessories, radiant barriers and unit conversions.