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Ten-year-old tile roof systems on an apartment complex show significant damage

No one promises a roof system will last forever. So a roofing crew from KY-KO Roofing Systems, Phoenix, was not surprised when it was asked to perform roof system repairs on an existing tile roof system at The Palisades, an apartment complex in Phoenix. But the crew was surprised to discover the roof system had been on the building for just 10 years and simple repairs would not be sufficient.

"After inspection, we informed The Palisades personnel that because of material failures and faulty tile installation practices, we would need to completely rebuild the roof system by removing tile, installing a new underlayment and reinstalling the existing tile," says Joe Nelson, tile division manager for KY-KO Roofing Systems. "We also would need to bring in matching tile to replace broken tile and compensate for additional tile to allow for a proper 3-inch (76-mm) headlap."

At first, The Palisades management wanted spot repair for the leaks on many of the roof systems. However, once KY-KO Roofing Systems showed the extent of the problems, The Palisades management realized a complete roof system removal and replacement was the best course of action. The possibility of doing the work in phases was discussed, but management decided to complete the entire project at one time. This led to what would be an overhaul of the apartment complex's roof system.

"This was an established, fully occupied apartment complex of 536 units," Nelson says. "The roof systems failed only 10 years after original construction. It is estimated that half the 36 buildings—35 buildings and an office building—had leaks. This project seemed unique to me because the owners of The Palisades understood the seriousness of the problems and decided to bite the bullet and just take care of all of it."