Reroofing by the book

Building code requirements also apply to reroofing projects

Reroofing existing buildings presents unique and increasingly complex challenges related to building code compliance. Although a building being reroofed likely had been constructed according to the code applicable at the time of original construction, reroofing projects typically trigger at least a partial upgrade to the currently applicable code(s). Because the roofing-related requirements in most codes have increased in stringency with each updated edition, reroofing projects can entail significant additional compliance requirements.

Following is an overview of reroofing requirements contained in the International Code Council®'s (ICC's) I-Codes' 2018 editions. Specifically addressed will be requirements specific to reroofing contained in the International Building Code,® 2018 Edition (IBC 2018), International Residential Code,® 2018 Edition (IRC 2018), International Energy Efficiency Code,® 2018 Edition (IECC 2018) and International Existing Building Code,® 2018 Edition (IEBC 2018).

IBC 2018

IBC 2018 primarily addresses the construction of new buildings, including roof systems. Roofing is addressed in Chapter 15-Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures. However, within Chapter 15, Section 1511—Reroofing specifically addresses roof re-covering and reroofing (roof system removal and replacement).