Reroofing paradise

Lifetime Roofing helps renovate Tobago’s Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort

The Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort in Tobago, West Indies, is the largest resort hotel located in the tropical Tobago Plantations Estate, a 750-acre gated community of luxury villas, condominiums and bungalows. Situated on more than 2 miles of beaches and a beautiful coastline, the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort is a state-owned development enterprise that operated for eight years as the VHL/Hilton Tobago Golf and Spa Resort.

The former hotel had suffered damage from the effects of a highly aggressive marine environment. As a result, in 2009, the hotel required substantial rehabilitative work.

The main goal of the work was to rehabilitate the hotel with innovative roofing and building products that would protect and preserve the resort's structure from marine weathering. Hotel management sought to rebrand and renovate the hotel to become the top resort in Tobago to provide sustainable employment for nationals and improve Tobago's international allure.

Lifetime Roofing Ltd., Arima, Trinidad, was contracted by the Tobago government to take on the massive but exciting project.