Reroofing the Roundhouse

Charles E. Mahaney Roofing reroofs Charles Koch Arena

Charles Koch Arena, Wichita, Kan., has been a prominent fixture at Wichita State University (WSU) since its construction in 1953. The arena, which often is called "the Roundhouse" because of its circular shape, can accommodate up to 10,572 fans who come to cheer on the WSU Shockers (the nickname given to early university students who earned money by shocking, or harvesting, wheat in nearby fields).

The arena was constructed as the University of Wichita Field House and has since changed names several times. In 2002-03, the arena underwent a $25 million renovation commonly referred to as the "Roundhouse Renaissance"; the renovations were sponsored in part by a $6 million endowment from Charles G. Koch, and the renovated arena came to be known as Charles Koch Arena.

The renovations did not include reroofing the arena's SBS polymer-modified bitumen dome roof system—which was installed in 1991 by Charles E. Mahaney Roofing Co. Inc., Wichita—because the existing roof system did not exhibit any leaks or problems. However, following the renovations' completion and because of extenuating factors, the roof system developed two leaks.

"We learned about the project through the architect who contacted us before writing the specification to discuss how prior work was done," says Mike Boyd, president of Charles E. Mahaney Roofing. "We were the successful bidder to remove and replace the dome roof and adjacent low-slope roof on the complex."