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ICC-SRCC joins Global Solar Certification Network

ICC Evaluation Service has announced its Solar Rating & Certification Corp. (ICC-SRCC) joined the Global Solar Certification Network (GSCN), an international consortium of certification and inspection bodies, test labs and solar thermal industry representatives working together to streamline certification of solar thermal products internationally. ICC-SRCC is the first certification body accepted into GSCN.

GSCN's goal is to minimize the need for repetitious testing and inspection to meet certification requirements in each country a solar thermal product is sold by standardizing the common elements of participating programs and facilitating connections between inspectors and certification bodies worldwide. GSCN does not replace regional certifications. Consumers will have access to a larger variety of products as the certification process for solar thermal technologies is simplified.

"We are proud of our acceptance into this groundbreaking network," says Shawn Martin, director of ICC-SRCC. "We believe GSCN will make it easier for North American manufacturers to export their products and expand their markets. We also expect our involvement will make it possible for more international manufacturers to bring new and innovative solar thermal technologies to North America by certifying with ICC-SRCC."