Risk Management

Less than impressed

This column uses fictitious case histories to introduce important loss-control principles. The details for these case histories are not meant to represent any particular occurrence. Any similarities to living people or actual events are purely coincidental.

As November arrived, Pete was glad to see winter was holding off. He knew cold weather eventually would descend on his area and affect his company, LMN Roofing. But for now, the weather was mild and dry and the company could install roof systems for a few customers before winter arrived.

Pete had good workers to complete the projects and believed some could make good foremen. One of these workers was Josh. Josh was eager to learn and had a great attitude and work ethic. Pete had high hopes for Josh as did Pete's son, Paul, LMN Roofing's senior foreman.

Paul had noticed Josh's positive attitude during the summer and placed Josh on his crew. Paul was impressed with Josh's performance and hoped to get him into the company apprenticeship program.