Roof coating revolution

Many advances have been made in the roof coatings industry

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Similar to many roofing products, roof coatings have evolved since first being used. Because of the benefits coatings offer, more building owners are requesting coatings be used on their buildings. When making roof coatings part of your company's offerings, learn how coatings began, are manufactured and should be applied.


The first modern roof coatings were asphalt-based and referred to as "asphalt paint." Asphalt, a bottom-of-the-barrel byproduct of the petroleum refining process, became plentiful and cheap in the late 1890s when oil refineries sprung up to support the growing gasoline demand for the horseless carriage. By blending asphalt with petroleum solvents, a liquid material was created. The material could be painted on a variety of surfaces to provide protection from the elements and additional weathering protection. During the early 1900s, asphalt was used as a raw material to make roofing materials and could be heated and applied as a waterproofing adhesive.