Roofing on a curve

Ruff Roofers raises the grade at The Johns Hopkins University's Gilman Hall

The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, opened in 1876 with the inauguration of its first president, Daniel Coit Gilman. Gilman was committed to the idea of a university connected to and inclusive of undergraduate colleges, technical schools, conservatories, medical facilities and research centers, leveraging each to build a more comprehensive, literate and conscientious university. Indeed, Gilman saw the university as a center for human advancement.

At the center of this human advancement is Gilman Hall, a home for humanities. Its 146,000 square feet of classrooms, study space and offices are the intellectual heart of the university. Gilman Hall opened in 1915 with the intent of nurturing a community of scholars, encouraging faculty members and students to collaborate, share expertise and explore ideas wherever they lead.

During its first century, Gilman Hall didn't receive much maintenance attention. Repair was long overdue for nuts-and-bolts infrastructure, but funding was a continual problem until New York-based R.M. Kliment & Frances Halsband Architects gave The Johns Hopkins University a wider vision meant to inspireā€”a comprehensive room-to-room renovation. This expanded vision proved to be a better fundraising draw, and the $73 million project began in 2007.

Copper rules