Safe Solutions

Eliminating slide guards

Does your company perform work on roofs with slopes of 4-in-12 (18 degrees) to 8-in-12 (34 degrees)? If so, you need to know about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) recent decision to rescind a 15-year-old directive that allows slide guard use in certain residential roofing applications.

Cancellation of STD 03-00-001, "Interim Fall Protection Compliance Guidelines for Residential Construction," became effective in December 2010 with enforcement delayed until June 16, 2011. As a result, roofing contractors will have to implement conventional fall-protection methods for most residential roofing projects.


The use of slide guards was allowed under the original directive for fall protection for roofing work on residential roofs with slopes of 8-in-12 (34 degrees) or less and eave heights of 25 feet or less. Conventional fall protection, such as guardrails, safety nets or personal fall-arrest systems (PFAs), was required for roof heights exceeding 25 feet or roof slopes greater than 8-in-12 (34 degrees).