Safe Solutions

Caution with electricity

It was a sweltering summer day in late August, and the roofing crews from APF Roofing Co. were busy.

Jim, a foreman with APF Roofing, and his crew were installing a single-ply roof system on a small office building. The workers were using a variety of tools, including electrically powered reciprocating saws and drills and hot-air blowers.

Earlier, Jim had met with the building owner to discuss possible safety hazards specific to the job site. Jim had inspected the deck's underside for potentially hazardous conditions and combustible materials, such as insulation, and also spotted some electrical conduit.

Jim used bright orange spray paint to mark the roof areas under which the conduit was located so the workers would know not to penetrate those areas with cutting tools. Jim also made sure circuits would be turned off in the areas where his crew was going to be working. All electrical cords the crew was going to use were inspected for damage and declared safe by a competent person.