Safe Solutions

Putting safety first

A roofing worker falls from a roof and suffers multiple fractures, resulting in nearly a half-million dollar loss, and now is a paraplegic. A 26-year-old roofing worker falls 40 feet through a school roof, resulting in almost a $1 million loss, and now is a quadriplegic. Both workers had been on the job less than two weeks.

A major insurance company's study indicates 42 percent of new employees in the construction industry suffer injuries within 90 days of their start dates. This underscores the fact that all roofing contractors should have a safety orientation program for new employees.


Data from the latest study of employee satisfaction in the roofing industry performed by The Gallup Organization, Princeton, N.J., and funded by The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress indicate only about 20 percent of roofing workers receive any training before starting their first roofing jobs.